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Our Inspiration

Inspired by her parents' philanthropy, Clare Bisi Jagunna continues their legacy of compassion and support. Learn how you can be a part of this mission.

Clare Bisi Jagunna spearheads a non-governmental foundation with a mission to support women and children at various life stages, providing comprehensive assistance from pre-labor to post-labor. Her organization also extends support to families facing displacement due to insurgents, natural disasters, domestic violence, or economic challenges in their communities—a commitment upheld since 2016.

Drawing inspiration from her volunteer experiences in the children’s department of her church, Calgary seniors community, women’s shelter, and caring for pregnant teens and their babies, Clare pursued training in childcare and disability management. Additionally, she underwent training at the University of Lethbridge to establish her non-profit.

Clare’s passion for aiding the needy is rooted in her parents’ legacy, particularly her father’s philanthropy in Ekiti state and the Catholic community. This familial influence propels her to continue the legacy through her impactful initiatives.


Mrs. Clare Bisi Jagunna

Hands Lifting Hearts Hands Lifting Hearts Hands Lifting Hearts
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Empowered by Passion, Driven by Legacy

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Our Mission

Providing support and hope for women and families through pregnancy and postpartum, while addressing racism, health inequalities, and sexual abuse, and promoting the wellbeing of African, Black, and Caribbean communities in Canada.

Our Vision

Hands Lifting Hearts envisions a nurturing and empowering parenting experience tailored to the cultural needs of Black families in Canada

Our Core Values


Acknowledging cultural, traditional, and language barriers through awareness and actionable initiatives


Integrating African and Canadian cultures for enhanced support in the African community’s acceptance of assistance


Empowering families for a better life by providing essential tools and resources


Respecting every woman’s birth story and family, regardless of the outcome. Our safe space encourages sharing diverse experiences and narratives


Serving women and families in all stages—from pre-labor to postpartum, including miscarriage—prioritising comprehensive care and mental health support

Our Partners