Empowering Your Birth Journey with Expert Support and Essential Resources
Prepare for a confident birthing experience with our pre-labor services, offering essential support, evidence-based education, and emotional guidance from experienced professionals. Whether you’re planning a home delivery or hospital birth, we connect with new African immigrant families, facilitating connections with home country doctors, offering resources for accommodation, and providing support for obtaining baby essentials. Don’t let the unknowns of labor hinder your journey; empower yourself with the information and support you need for a smooth, safe, and informed birthing experience.


From Prenatal Checkups to Postnatal Support, We’re Here Every Step of the Way
Ensuring safe and healthy pregnancies, Hands Lifting Hearts labor services offer essential medical care, emotional support, and guidance throughout the entire journey — from pregnancy to postpartum. Services encompass prenatal checkups, ultrasound scans, birthing classes, delivery support, and postnatal care, playing a crucial role in both maternal and infant well-being. With a focus on preventing complications and ensuring a smooth delivery, our labor services include labor room support and the expertise of a doula or midwife.


From Home Arrival to Afterbirth Care, We Provide Support Every New Mother Deserves.
Post-labor services are a vital component of comprehensive maternal care, offering crucial support during the challenging postpartum period. These services prioritize the physical and emotional well-being of both mother and baby, encompassing check-ups, breastfeeding assistance, infant care guidance, and mental health support. Seeking post-labor services is essential for ensuring access to necessary care and support. Our Post-Labor Services feature support for the baby’s home arrival, after-birth caregiver assistance, pre-arrival home cleaning, and the development of a meal plan for new mothers.